Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yesterday, Today, and Tommorow

I have to start out the entry today by taking issue with the sports media out there. It is the jobs of radio show hosts, print journalists, and the guys on all-sports ESPN programming to know about every sport. The MMA debate raging on now is a debate only because the mainstream media has know idea what real MMA is. There is no excuse for well-rounded sports journalists to say during a MMA discussion, "oh I forgot the fights were on," or "I decided to watch something else." What is wrong with recording the fights or looking them up online and watching it later? Kudos to Jim Rome for being one of the few responsible ones out there and coming to the table with his facts...PHE-NOM-IN-AL.

On to the rest of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

1. Stanley Cup Game 5: How awesome was three overtimes last night? Marc-Andre Fluery gave such a valiant effort. He blocked 55 shots which was double his counterpart, Chris Osgood. Despite that disparity, I still have this Penguins team winning the Cup. I haven't heard anyone say that, so I am probably crazy and you should probably cease at reading now.

2. The John Smoltz experiment: I was interested to see that they brought John Smoltz straight off the DL and into relief Monday night. Smoltz didn't fair well blowing a save even though the Braves did rally to beat the Marlins. Two earned runs off of three hits doesn't sound good, but I will hold out judgement on Smoltz until I see more. I will say you have to wonder if relief work really makes that sore shoulder feel any better than starting would.

1. Rays-Sox: Wow a huge AL East showdown in the beginning of June. The pitching match up will be the hot Matt Garza facing the hot shot prospect Justin Masterson. Masterson was impressive in a call up earlier in the year al beit against the Royals. The more important thing to note is that David Ortiz was just put on the DL so the Red Sox won't have his clutch bat here. I say the Rays have nothing to loose here and all the pressure is on the Red Sox. Even if the Rays drop 2 of 3 in this series they will retain first place.

Other than that go Lady Sun Devils and close out a great College World Series tonight!

Wednesday won't have much intriguing sports action, but here is the tentative blog schedule for the rest of the week.
Thursday: MLB Mock Draft & NBA Finals Prediction
Friday: NCAA Super Regional Talk and Predictions along with gut reactions from the Draft
Saturday: Triple Crown talk, NBA Finals Talk
Sunday: Weekly Wrap up


Douglas said...

"That second head growing where his ear used to be." Priceless.

Jay & Charlene said...

I agree with you on the MMA issue. It was a sporting event. They were supposed to cover it. Trivializing it by saying "I forgot it was on" or any other nonsense is disrespectful towards the sport and towards their profession as sports broadcasters and reporters. They shouldn't have mentioned anything instead. What a bunch of idiots, especially PTI.