Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This is where the MORE comes in

While there wasn't too much interesting sports news last night, there was plenty of political news. Sure we found out John Smoltz' season is done, Joba can't start, Pedro is back, and the sunshine staters both lost but the ramifications of last night politically mean much more than anything else.

With a majority of pledged and super delegates Barack Obama clinched the Democratic Presidential Nomination. Naming the first ever African American candidate for President should have been remarkable enough last night, but the actions of Senator Clinton unfairly overshadowed a groundbreaking day for Americans. Senator Clinton spoke in front of supporters back in New York shortly after the South Dakota primaries had been partly tabulated. She might has well been in Istanbul instead of New York. No it was even more like the crowd assembled had just been stuck in a time warp from about two months ago. Announced as the next President of the United States, there was no give in Clinton's rhetoric or the enthusiasm of her supporters. There was no change in her speech than the speeches we have been hearing for weeks. She gave her half-hearted congratulations to Senator Obama and then proceeded with a speech more focused on her for the next 30 minutes. Unfortunately, this put Senator Obama in a very tough position as he had to declare victory in front of 20,000 in St. Paul without the traditional concession from his opponent. As always, Obama rose to the occasion. Instead of focusing on the historic achievement of the night, Obama kept the focus on the rest of Americans and the task at hand. He was humble in victory, speaking admirably of Senator Clinton and his new opponent Senator McCain.

Within the context of one night, we saw why Senator Clinton is on the outside looking in. She obviously doesn't care about the healing of her party and it has become more about her than it has been about America. Barack wouldn't even allow one minute of public reflection on his achievement because he is geared and focused towards winning the general election and affecting change. After last night we can put to rest any Vice Presidential talk. She just simply doesn't deserve it.

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ObamaMama said...

Well said. Barack Obama is the future of this country. The Clinton machine will go down just like it rose. Promising to help the struggling, while grasping at the power and money of Washington. No one was fooled.