Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kneejerk Weekend Reactions

I am sorry to my loyal readership, I have been overrun for several days making an update to the blog necessary. I am writing from the Roger Dean Stadium press box right now and I should probably be reviewing my notes for tonight's Hammerheads game. Here are the quick bits of reflection since my last posting.

1. The MLB draft: I was very disappointed there was only one potential draftee in attendance at the Milk House on Thursday. He wasn't even one of the premier prospects. I don't know who dropped the ball on that one but they need it to be more like the first year's coverage next year.

Other than that I think the Rays made a mistake with Tim Beckham over Buster Posey but only time will tell. I hope widely reported financial concerns over Posey did not influence their decision. I was also very disappointed with the Cardinals selection of Brett Wallace. It is a stretch to even see this guy be able to field his position at first and he will most likely be a DH at the pro level. Even if he could play first, it would seem that Albert Pujols has that position on lock for about the next 10 years. I know Wallace is a tremendous hitter and the MLB draft isn't about need, but this is taking that philosophy way too far.

2. I guess the Marlins aren't dead in the water as I have previously predicted. They continue to defy the odds and the numbers with that terrific offense and Josh Willingham has started taking batting practice again. As I am writing this now, it looks as if the Fish have found another gem to buoy the rotation as they recalled Ryan Tucker from Carolina and he looked sharp. By the way, in case you were wondering, the dead in the water reference was a pun intended.

3. Despite all the hoopla that occurred between the Red Sox and Rays up in beantown, it looks as if it only has brought the Rays closer together. They have systematically beat down the Rangers in two games and look to go for the sweep in a couple of hours. You have to love the story going down in the Sunshine State and it will only intensify next weekend when the Marlins travel to St. Petersburg.

4. It looks like the handlers in charge of Big Brown made a desperation move with that acrylic on his hoof. He was out of it all race and just couldn't make his move to the inside. Trainer Rick Dutrow doesn't seem to be the nicest guy in the world either and the way he avoided the press after the Belmont was disgraceful. 30 years and counting...

5. It was another great night down at Mark Light Field last night. A great game and once again a great atmosphere. I would love to see the same enthusiasm for Marlins baseball that is shown at Canes games. I guess for right now, this eternal baseball optimist can still dream.

6. Thank you for finally conceding Hillary. It has been a longtime coming.

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